Publication date ‏ : ‎ November 5, 2021
Print length ‏ : ‎ 497 pages

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Slaughtering Girl is the story of a woman who knows how to use a cleaver. It’s a tale of passion, politics, love, and revolution set during a tumultuous period of Chinese history.

Born in 1902, Chen Liquan is an unusual child. Bigger by far than any baby the townspeople can recall, the child is prophesied to have a great future. Raised by her grandmother, a skilled slaughterer, the girl embarks on a career as a traveling performer. Satisfied at first, Liquan comes to see that her future lies elsewhere.

The life of the Slaughtering Girl is the story of twentieth-century China. Liquan’s teacher joins the 1911 revolution overthrowing the last Qing emperor and establishing the Chinese republic. When warlord armies threaten the countryside, Liquan must protect her town by leading an army of her own.

The Slaughtering Girl is successful in battle but disappointed in love until she is visited by a Red Army recruiter. It isn’t exactly the love she is expecting, but Liquan has come to accept that she is different.